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Re: world championship

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IFI just sent an email blast that the event is going forward as scheduled, but that the Mexican teams will not be able to attend because their government has closed all schools.

My sympathies to the Mexican teams. I cannot imagine how disappointing this must be.
Yes, but is not because of our government is because the decision from VEX Robotics, we´r free to fly even to USA, and here´s the mail that we recieved:

To all teams from Mexico registered for the VEX World Championship:

Due to the recent outbreak of the swine influenza, we have been receiving many inquiries from around the world regarding the status of the VEX Robotics Competition World Championship to be held this weekend in Dallas.

In an effort to provide a safe and healthy event environment, we believe government and school officials should determine participation and the welfare of their students. Based on the Mexican government’s mandatory national school closing, we must honor their decision and regretfully request that teams from Mexico withdraw from the event. We feel that this is the only prudent action to protect all participants.

We deeply regret this unpredicted turn of events and understand the disappointment this must cause. We want to thank the teams from Mexico – throughout our communications over the past few days you have been understanding and cooperative in helping us come to this difficult decision. We will be recognizing the teams from Mexico in our closing ceremony this Saturday and will be making an announcement that, while not a complete solution, will acknowledge the sacrifice your teams have been forced to endure.

We apologize for all the inconvenience this has caused. While many teams from Mexico had already made the decision not to come, we know some were waiting on this official notice. We waited as long as possible, hoping for a change in circumstances.


VEX Robotics